Final Cut Pro

I thought they had been complaining for years . . . .

What’s the feature request. Flame?


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I think it came down to accessibility. I had used FCP classic since v1, but I was also an After Effects user.
Since I had premiere in the creative suite with my AE license, it made an easy transition with no extra cost.

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Cost historically and a availability largely. Avid may have been the superior tool but when the digital revolution happened, editorial was democratized by FCP’s lower cost of entry and a slew of folks jumped ship—hard not to at least try when you see Angus on Apple’s Website talking about how amazing it is. Then the deal was sweetened with motion which was nearly throw in. Did I mention how cheap it was?

A whole generation of assistants came up on that and when it went to shit they turned to Adobe since it had similar model to what they were used to. No dongles or hardware or whatever. Just a serial number and a dream. They were all using after effects and photoshop anyway at least in the commercial sphere so it all just slotted together rather diabolically wouldn’t you say?


Yep. Exactly what @dave said…

adobe premiere is like as old as flame , but for some reason premiere and fcp had like the same interface down to the submenu things, resolve is now copying lots of stuff as well, then adobe is copying resolve in multiple places…

I would kinda hope apple pulls something out of their hat, premiere is becomming the photoshop of editorial software in commercials, the whole psd , ai, ae and whatever stuff covers most of it.

They should have just done incremental update to fcp, i wanted to love fcpx whennit came out but nothing about makes me happy to use it, zero.

I just got my first xml from FCP in years and years and years today.

However given the client i’m, um, not shocked they’re using it?