A2 Beauty

I was playing with A2 Beauty and it seems it can isolate some wrinkles in this plastic packet. Is there anyway to render these wrinkles on black like in a sapphire node where you can turn off source? I want to paint out or subtract the wrinkles.


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Feed it into a 2D histogram and start crushing values?

Yeah. I’m thinking it might be the case to just key it. But I was just hoping there might be a secret menu in the A2 cos it seemed to have done what I needed.

Frequency separation is great for this sort of thing if you can somehow stabilize the bag.

Hi hbomb. It’s a still so that’s done. I did some frequency separation doing a blur and mixing to grey etc. Didn’t work too well. What’s your favourite way to freq separate?


Hi John! I usually use crok_separation. You have to recombine the passes with a Comp node set to PS Vivid Light or something like that. It explains on the little note in the matchbox. I generally go to town with the Drag brush in paint on the low frequency image and then recursive clone on the higher frequency bits, then reveal the result of the Comp node on the original.

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Sounds more like you need frequency separation.

Ls Lumps to seperate, paint, then recombine

I think it might be “linear light” for the comp node transfer mode. And I concur, it’s a great option for frequency separation.

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And the @FriendsFromBorisFX built in Frequency Separation views in the OFX Silhouette Plugin is amazingly incredible.