Action: icons toggle and display proxies toggle do it stick

Both these settings have long not stuck, but it seems with the latest release turning off proxy display in schematic is even less reliable.

You can set icons to selected, but when you tap out of the action to another node, when you go back in it’s always selected as All.

Proxy display in schematic - this has always been spotty. But now it’s gotten worse.

Turning off proxy display significantly improves interaction in Action, especially in 2-up view. But before If you left action and came back, all the proxy images in the schematic would simply not be visible, rather than simply freezing what was there before disabling them.

Now, it seems to have no effect at all once you leave then re-enter the action. The toggle is not remembered.

Has anyone found a way around either of these things? Thanks.

Not sure which of the Flame devs to tag, so: