Action Loading In With Old Setup

Flame on Linux 2022.1

Hi there. Started having this issue this morning. Whenever I add a new Action node, it’s now coming in preloaded with a setup from another project. It’s so far not the end of the world, but kind of a pain clearing it out every time I grab a new one. Wasn’t sure if anyone had run into this before, and if so, how they fixed it. Below is what it looks like every time I drag a new Action node out.

Any insight would be appreciated, Thank you!

That’s a weird one! What if you try clearing the action and then clicking on the node save button over on the right side. When you get the save dialog screen select Defaults from the blue popup in the lower left (it prob says All)

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I bet somehow the Default setup for the start action was overwritten and now defaults to this new saved action, to change that just go into setup/objects and maps and press the revert to factory button

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Hey guys, thank you for the responses! Andy, tried yours and it didn’t fix it. Went under node prefs and found the “Revert to Factory” button and that did the trick, so thank you William. Noticed there is a button in there called “Set Current as Default”, which means I must have been flailing pretty hard to hit it considering I cannot remember the last time I was in that sub-menu. Anyways, it’s working as it should now, I really appreciate both of you taking the time to help!

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