Ad Campaign Boot Camp / Great Ads of the World

A huge shout out to agency friend Gabriel Sehringer for compiling and hosting this incredible resource of some of the most famous advertising spots and campaigns ever. It’s such a great reminder of the amazing artists amongst this community! Thank gawsh for Google Docs!

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 8.49.11 AM


These two ads are going in my casket when I die.


I have never seen that Pop Tarts one! Brilliant!


Wait… @andydill are you going to show your reel at your funeral?


Had my mucky hands on a few of them. Coming from Newcastle I would love to do a Brown Ale advert. Didn’t realise Droga had the account. Are these adverts just for America? Never seen them in UK and can’t get links to work.

This is the last Brown Ale advert I remember seeing:


more like I’m going to show YOUR reel.

A true reason to mourn!

Awesome work and just had some LOL giggles.
Also very pleased to see just how many I remember being behind the scenes for, Mill NY and LDN produced some amazing work over the years



You’s here!

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Brewster: we ought to post the engineering dept’s version of Honda Cog!

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OMG John do you have that somewhere??

Possibly. I can have a look.

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this is a pretty great list. a nice trip down memory lane. thx for posting!

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Wow this list keeps on going strong and getting updated. Y’all be sure to bookmark this and have a cheeky butches from time to time.

Somehow that spot where I just vignetted the whole thing, didn’t make it.

It’s not called Great Vignettes of the World.

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