What are the most iconic moments in moving pictures that used Flame?

I stayed up all night browsing this amazing collection of historically amazing commercials and it got me thinking….

What are the most iconic scenes in motion pictures that used Flame?

For me, True Lies comes to mind with the Harrier jet sequence. Titanic of course was groundbreaking and taking my college crush to see it 9 times in a theatre even though I was broke was (chefs kiss.gif). And pretty much any Daft Punk or Kylie Minogue music video for me is quite memorable…and the de-aging in Benjamin Button…and whatever they may or may not have used for the bullet time sequence in The Matrix.

What about you?

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Wasn’t Forest Gump the first big movie moment Flame had? Putting Hanks into historical footage.

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I think that was Super Mario Bros.

1995, Apollo 13
1994, The Rolling Stones, “Love is Strong
Trix “rabbit
1995, Nike, "Magazine Wars" Directed by David Fincher
(basically just watch Fred Raimondi’s reel :stuck_out_tongue: )


Some adverts that really affected me before I knew anything about flame was:

Pirelli Carl Lewis,

Guinness Tower of Babel

Would I say they are iconic? To me they have a memory that is something like that. I think it’s the combination of editing, music, idea all held together by some nicely done vfx (Guinness was done on the Henry but gets a mention because I compiled it onto a VHS of cool adverts).

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Back when I was in undergrad this movie came out, and when I read the Cinefex on it it pushed me towards hanging out in the Flame suite at my internship that summer. It still amazes me to this day!

How They Shot the Impossible Mirror Scene in 'Contact'


Ah yeah that one was great. I was thinking about posting it this morning but didn’t get time. I saw a video interview somewhere with Sheena Duggal where she explained how she did it. I remember thinking it was really sneaky and clever.

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In case anyone doesn’t know, this is from Contact. Here’s a written article…anybody got the video one handy?

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Apparently it was! I didn’t know that!

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