Add 3d depth/parallax to a static scene (for a fake camera push in)

Hi guys,
Just trying to figure out an easy way to add a dolly into a static scene. There’s a few objects I can push forward on the Z with some gmasks and Action displacement - pretty much gonna do it this way - but has anyone got any other suggestions?

One thing that might work is send it to a camera tracking house like Yannix, have them build sausage geo for everything, then setup projections.

But, thats the $10k+ solution.


It’s worth trying a z-depth ML extraction, then using that to do a displacement towards camera (it’s one of the three displacement map settings)

Then copy the camera and animate and film through the copy. It’ll probably just look like you’re pushing past a bunch of blobby projections, but that’s when you break out the gmasks, do some infill painting and the like.


Does the ML depth extraction work on a still?

Evidently, not really!! I mean, it does pull a matte of sorts, but it can’t tell what’s in the fg or what’s in the bg… I decided to use this method, and then grade the fg elements to be brighter and the bg stuff darker, then ran that through a displacement.

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You might be able to use extended bicubics and extrude and mould some basic geometry.

It is a fraction easier than gmasks and geometry but without cutting the odd object out you won’t get much of a parallax effect.

I have also tried to paint my own depth matte but I find the extended bicubic approach to be easier.


Anything in the scene you can animate? Lights? Fabric? Atmos? Shadows? Reflex?