Adding Additional Graphics Card

We’re going to add an additional graphics card to our z8. Are there any caveats? Any things to look for when installing? Going to use it for shot reactor, burn just hasn’t been cutting it.

If you think Burn hasn’t been cutting it, just wait until you experience the “grand gift” that BG Reactor is.

What about Burn hasn’t worked out for you? Most of it has to do with hardware provisioning.

Related to the hardware, the main drawback is the power supply.

My Z820, for instance, has only two pcie power supply cables with 4pins connector , because old grapchic cards, like K5000, had only one 4pin-connector. My current 1080 ti has one 6 pin-connector (using an adapter) , using both cables. So I can’t add a second card.

So first is look how many free pcie power supply cables/ pins connectors has your Z8 and how pins connectors you will need.

The room for add the card is important. This cards fill the adjacent card slot due to the heat sink, and even more, leaving only a few milimeters to the next card. In some case it can make it very hard.

Althought now, the most impossible is just buy a graphic card :sleepy:

We’d have to update all our nodes, only 3 but added cost of maintenance. Also we’d have to purchase additional neat plugins. Decisions are never easy.

Buy identical cards or waste time wondering.
Flame team made background reactor idiot proof.

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