If I put a second GPU in my Z8

Hey all,

I’m dipping my toe in the ML space. Would like to add some GPU horsepower to speed up the training. Does anyone know:

If I can put a second GPU in my Z8, will Flame ignore it? I don’t need flame to see it or use it. Just thinking about picking up something that isn’t supported by flame but would help the cause.



You can definitely put one in there and flame can definitely use it for background reactor. Believe they would need to be the same card and there’s a little setup involved but it does work. Make sure you’ve got enough ram to deal.

I’ve been running dual Titan rtx for a year now…

Thanks Chris. Just to clarify, I don’t want to use it with Flame. I just don’t want it to fuck up my flame install. Does that make sense?

I would say still use the same cards which sounds maybe a little over cautious now when I say it out loud, don’t enable background reactor and respect the Autodesk diagrams for card placement. You’ll be fine.

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