Advice in setting up Stonefs

Guys, I have an iMac Pro with a 4TB internal SSD hard drive. It looks way faster than my 4SSD cards Thunderbolt 3 (OWC) enclosure.

I am thinking about setting up my Flame Stonefs in my internal iMac SSD (4tb) and work with soft import leaving my media in my RAID (OWC). For you who have the same setup as me, are you working with soft-import leaving your StoneFS in your computer, or are setting the Flame Stonefs inside the RAID and Caching the media?

What is your take on this guys? I really think that once we work with soft import the things are safer. I can backup and if lose everything just relink.

Thank you Guys,

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Personally, I’m not a huge fan of having the framestore on your local system disk. Things can fill up quickly and can go sideways easily. But, does it work? Yes, it works. Do many people here have everything on one disk? Probably. Is it the safest and smartest way? No. But does it work while you are figuring stuff out? Yup.

What do you mean by “looks faster?” If you are able to read and write at the resolutions and bit depth you require, then an extra few hundred megabits a second are cool and fun but likely aren’t limiters.

Finally, you can have as many framestores as you want. Have one on your local machine, have one on your OWC enclosure. Do some tests and experiment.

Eventually, try to work out something like the following. it’s not required, but, it’s helped me sleep well at night.

  1. system disk and mirrored external backup 1TB-4TB each
  2. ‘server’ - something bigger, cheaper, slower, to hold all of your incoming/outgoing stuff, project files, etc. 12TB-32TB
  3. ‘something as fast and as big as you can afford’ - NVME or SSD, caching for framestore, 4TB-16TB

Your mileage may vary, your needs may be different.

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I would add, if you do decided to go that route with frame store on your internal hard drive. Make sure you make it on a new volume. That way you can set it limits, and make sure it doesn’t choke your system to death (yep, I once had an error, and my hard drive system came to a halt due to being full. )

Here’s a pretty good read in Apfs volumes.


Good…Thank you Brooks.