Mac Internal Storage Config Recommendations?

Hey team - I’m setting up a new Mac Studio, and am planning on using the 8TB internal system drive as storage as it is so blazingly fast. Are there any recommendations how I should configure it? Should the frame store be a Partition or a Volume or can I just stuff it in a Directory and it doesn’t even matter these days?

One thing is to be sure that the Framestore is not in the root directory, be sure it’s at least one folder deep.
I could be wrong but I see no real/practical need to partition and make a new volume for it.
When I had my Trashcan Mac Pro unless connecting it to a san I always used the internal drive as the framestore and did not partition it. I eventually upgraded the drive to 2tb from OWC and did things the same. Never an issue over the 6 years I used it:)

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i too am setting up my new Mac Studio and would like to know what the difference would be between leaving the volume as Mac HD or splitting into 2 parts.
Theres an option I havent seen before when you go to partition the drive.

Do you want to add a volume to the APFS container or do you want to divide the container’s storage into separate partitions?

When an Apple File System container has multiple volumes, its free space is shared and can be allocated to any of the individual volumes as needed.

Anyone know the difference and is one better than the other for a Flamestore.

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Your hard drive is a large pizza. Do you want to split the pizza into two parts, as in, one for your framestore? That’s “Divide the container’s storage into separate partitions.”

If you want to buy a 2nd pizza, then you’d be adding a volume.

Your “split pizza” is reversable though. Once you cut it into 2, or more pieces, you can go back and change the size of the individual pizza.

OK great explanation thanks. Do you think there would be a speed difference between the 2 for a flamestore

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Yeah. You’ll come to a grinding halt when you fill up a single volume. :slight_smile: