AI for VFX breakdowns

“…currently exploring whether it can use the AI tools to help automate the budgeting process of reading a script, breaking down the different visual effects needed to produce each shot and then estimating the cost of those effects,”

Curious if anyone has seen any real world use in this context yet? Regardless the article is a good read.

Hmmm… will it have training on how to underbid shots based on incredibly wishful thinking? I feel like that would have to be part of it to effectively operate in the vfx ecosystem and economy. I think it could be a feature that you could toggle on, call it “Marvel movie mode”

I can also see it from productions accepting your bid and then countering with “well, we ran it through our AI and it says you should be able to do it for half of what you quoted us. So let’s start the negotiating there.”


AI is a grift. It’s never about “empowering people”, we aren’t headed towards a world where entertainment is better and cheaper because everyone can type three sentences and get a finished video file.

Any actual potential will be squandered by the attempt to profit off it. It will create a glut of dull media that will be even more ignored than self-published Amazon books.

And fuck Rob Legato for that comment. Holy hell is that a tone deaf statement.


Except for Goggins’… let’s keep it real.


I was going to say the same thing about Legato. Definitely a comment from someone in a position of power with no ability to see past his own nose. A lot of the quotes in that article are pretty tone-deaf and although I agree that we cannot escape the changes this will bring about, we need to be thinking about it. It will reduce the amount of people needed to do a job.


Which in turn make those remaining people all the more replaceable/ expendable reducing the value of their labor and making them all the more ripe for exploitation and degraded working conditions. But hey, maybe I’m just insecure in my abilities?