Annotation Tool

Here is another simple tool that would help in collaboration if Flame is to be used as a central hub as is being pushed in the Flame 2024 promos. Some kind of annotation tool so it is easy to send feedback back and forth between Flame Artists within the Flme environment.

It would only really work if everyone was connected to a central project server though which is probably a rarity so there would not be a point in the above request unless the latter was the case. And bugger studios would probably be using Shotgrid or FTrack or NIM so this was all likely just a waste of time of me putting it out there…


This was part of the list of “areas of investigation” we have shared with the customers present in the Logik suite at NAB. Definitively something that is on our radar so now would be a good time to elaborate on what you guys would want to see us do in that area.


one of my most hated tasks is marking frames up for outsourcing roto. If there were a tool that could combine a magic wand type outliner with a simple text annotation with an automatic frame extraction and jpg export - this would be life changing.


You can definitely make a macro that does exactly that and put it in your User bin. I use a Paint preset, a Text node, and a write file that puts a .png in the Markups directory of whatever job I’m on. I use a WriteFile with the batch name, frame number, date, etc.

Or for Markups where I want to just circle an area, I use a setup with a red circle and instead of a text file, I use a BurnInMetadata Node…

These files can auto-import on render and stay within the project by Shared Library, or anyone with access to the job folder can see and share the frames.


Looks helpful but the thing that takes the most time is meticulously painting an outline of what I need roto’d and usually multiple outlines in different colors. I’m imagining something like the semantic keyer to automagically create outlines of objects like a cryptomatte object selector. Though, aside from that pipe dream, your tool looks like it would alleviate some pain. Though, I’m usually remoting into someone else’s system so it wouldn’t really work for me specifically unless it were a part of Matchbook.

Totally agree! A semantic separation of elements and an outline to go with it would be pretty darn sweet.

If Flame had some way to utilize external AI/ML inference models, there are so many auto segmentation libraries, this would be easy. Nuke has figured it out.

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