Feature Request: Paint in timeline markers to add annotations

Hey everybody!

Whenever I take feedback (internal or clients) I go two different routes:

  1. If it’s simple, I just create a marker with a comment containing the feedback.
  2. If it need’s more explanation I grab a frame and paint annotations on it.

So I thought: Why not combine both into one? I would love to just have a super basic paint function inside the timeline marker.
I made a quick mockup how it could be implemented (see attached file).
There would be a button to enable the paint function. By enabling this, the cursor would switch to the paint brush. I think there is no need to have control over the brush size via the ui here, using the shortcut “s” would be just fine.
There would also be a dropdown menu, which let’s you choose if you want to paint or erase and a little colour swatch to choose a colour (which may be different from the marker colour itself, incase you want to add different notes in different colours).
If the paint button is disabled, the painted annotations are also hidden (since normally we don’t want to render them).
In case we want to render them easily all at once, we would have access to them via the burnin metadata timeline fx. There could just be a button like “show paint”.

I think this would make my everyday life much easier and comfortable. What do you think?
If you like the idea, please leave a vote here:



I wish Markers + Burn-in Metadata + Timeline Paint were all together in one place.

A very sensible suggestion.

In my head this should be able to plug in to Shotgun too so you could export the text and drawings with the shot and it would live as metadata associated with the shot.

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I think it is a good feature request.
I generally create a BFX gap FX with a paint node and I mark that with a marker

Probably sacrilegious but I have never +1 a feature request or added a new one myself. I don’t have the keys to the license. Perhaps I should request?

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It’s easier than that.