Any Recommendations for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

I run my home Flame on a HP z840 with Quadro P6000.
I just bought a second P6000 for use with Background Reactor.

I read that I should buy a UPS, but am not sure how much output it should have.
Does anyone have any suggestions on a particular model of UPS,
or a suggestion as to the power output it should be able to deliver?

My z840 has the 1125w PSU and each P6000 has Max Power Consumption of 250w.



Checkout APC’s site to configure to your needs.

There should be a template for generic devices like servera, switches, disk arrays and the like, even if you don’t know the exact power consumption of your devices.


You’ll likely end up with either an APC or Cyberpower. Even under full rendering load you are likely to only be using 450-750 watts. If you are in the US and unless you have a dedicated 20amp + circuit for a bunch of gear, you’re more limited by 15amp / 20amp versus anything else. So, find something in the 1500VA/900watt range and you’ll be fine. Anything bigger and you’ll probably be hiring an electrician.

I own a couple of these:

and a few of these:

…with no problems.

I’d always budget for one for your Flame, one for your networking gear, one for your shared storage.


Thanks so much Randy!
This is a big help

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I use this: it powers my Sony OLED, MacBookPro, Imac, Dell, LG big screen, a pair of Genelecs, A Z8, LTO drive and bucketloads of removable drives with room to spare. They don’t last forever though. We’ve had a couple fail in the last two years. I don’t recall how old they were.


Thank you!

Thanks for the link!