Archive - with no pics is 2TB

hi all. ive got an archive of a big project. but have everything turned off as I only want the setups. says its going to be 2TB - - - what the hell. why?

batch renders?

like I said - everything switched off. everything that can be switched off is.

I think there is no option to exclude batch renders (only timeline FX, bfx renders). Except to manually delete them before archiving.

Also, make sure you don’t have other Workspaces created and manually check grabbed references and motion warp caches, they should live under Workspace/Libraries.

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3D Models? Those get included in archives.

If you Archive Setups them it should only be the text files as setups. If that’s 2TB, then something is in your opt/Autodesk folder that shouldn’t be.

If you are Archiving Project with nothing cached then a supper common mistake is to forget to delete old Batch Iterations and then also save over/overwrite the latest iteration after pruning.

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its non cached - all I want to do is save the setups. Jesus what a pile of rubbish! haha

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If you have any media created from within Flame and not directly imported then you’ll need to address those. I use this workflow all the time and it works great once you understand how it works.

Did you Wire anything over from a different box?

Hello Jon!

If by setups you mean the files located in the project folders, then use Archive Setups option (located at the right of the Archive creation page). I would be surprise that this is what you have done since 2TB of setups is huge, but since one can ut anything to project folders like media file, it could happens.

To be able to archive the content of your project without media, deselecting Source Media Cache, Maps and M Cache and Timeline FX Renders will create metadata only archive UNLESS you have Batch and Tools renders (like Desktop Paint, Desktop Action, etc) any Hard Committed content. In this case, these results are clips that cannot be regenerated and this are archived.

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Hi - thanks for the info. I would love to just be able to save the project though. the setups doesn’t really cut it. so the whole project but all the media missing. I think this is part of the wider thing for me where I would like the project to be stored on my drive. so I can walk into any flame suite hook up my thunderblade drive and carry on working.

There are a few feature requests similar to this and I think the whole archive process should get a refresh.

FI-01367 Archive media with project settings and compression, not as uncompressed.

FI-02427 Archiving in dire need of improvement

FI-01928 Gather external (soft linked) media for final archive


No worry, you are not alone! Sadly this is not an easy thing to do in Flame right now but since more hybrid workflows are being done and people never been so remote and mobile, workflows like these are on our things to investigate but will require lot of work.

For now, have you been able to identify the clips that need to be archived? Creating a metadata only archive and restoring it on another system (and having the same media with the same path OR using Path Translation) is a workflow many use between office and home. This is how we do when we prepare trade show content and we have done that for last NAB without any issue. If you have different mountpoints for the media on the receiving end, make sure to set the Linked Archive Path option to Convert to Local Path (Archive Options) prior restoring the archive so Path Translation can work (by default, we expect the media to be located at the original location and that can be frustrating if you forgot to set this option before restoring.

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can I add a proper re link function - like every other NLE and vfx software out there?!

You can fill any request you want on the General Improvement forum.

Sometimes I just copy the lib that I want archived and just throw it all offline and archive that, and then my archive is way lower in size, esp if you just want the data…Maybe a work around that can help for now?

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I find this usually hard something to do with commited/hard committed clips.

In my workflow I alway copy up to the layer above on the timeline anything I am hard committing so I can recreate the hard commit below it. So before archiving, I just unlink the commited clip layer (which can’t be relinked) so I can see what I have done then can recreate it on restore.

You guys should have a look at our newly 2023.2 Update. There is a new capability in Batch that allows re-importing the result of Write File node. That means that in many workflow, it would be more beneficial to use Write File instead of Render node. And since the result of the Write file is seen as a source, which could be cache or not, then metadata only archive will be easier.

And since the Write File can generate multi-version Open Clips, you very easy versioning if needed.


im on it now., will check it out. sounds interesting though. any chance of making all these things super easy though. I just want flame to do all of the management for me. which I know it does now the conventional way, but some easy things like save project and a smart relink.