High Archive Values

So ive gone down the route or a total non cache project. nothing is cached. gone to archive and it says 300GB archive! whaaaat. ive unchecked everything. no renders, no media cache. why is it so high. should be tiny

Shot in the dark, but it’s all your batch renders (provided you’re render-node’ing and not write-node’ing) and thereby ending up with media that only exists in the project. You’d would want to prune out all of the unneeded renders to bring things down… or explore an unmanaged workflow.

Either that our you have a veritable shit ton of edits. Like many many many…

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I’ve set the archive not to archive renders though.

That’s only timeline renders—think softfx and whatnot, so when your timelines come back they’ll comeback in unrendered. Same with batchFX segments.

For Batch Groups it’s business as usual irrespective of that setting. Misleading right?

Edit: and by timelines I mean and clip with single or multiple segments containing softFX.


Yep. Not what I thought would happen. I assumed it wouldn’t include any of the batch renders. Oh well.

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Unmanaged workflow John. It might solve quite a few of your gripes.

What’s that?

@Jonhollis have you done anything with motion vectors? Those things are ginormous, and as of now there is no preference to designate them to be externally saved. All you can do is export the cached clip and re-import it. An extra step but it can save you so much space.

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Not in this case. The most basic non cached 60 second ad. 20 batches. All with only one render. Archive to not include media or renders or ml and maps.

You can exclude ML data at archive as well @andymilkis, there’s a pref for that if memory serves.

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Yes but I didn’t think that includes the MV cache clip that appears in your batch group after analysis. Happy to be proven wrong!

Yes there’s a check box for that.

Well 2022.4. All of this will be sorted right?!

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Here you go →

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Looks complicated.

It is and it isn’t. Mostly it’s about changing headspace—looking at your project in two different pieces. Your editorial lives in flame as always. Your shots are external.

Not saying it’s for everyone, but in the case you were discussing earlier—with a drive you would want to take home—you could publish out all of your shots to a work folder on that removable drive and when it came time to work from home you just take that drive home with you. When you plug it in at home you go to batch, load the setup and you’re off to the races.

That doesn’t included timelines of course, but a metadata only archive of a timeline is megs not gigs.


Achieving this should not be so complicated.
But I guess, that wouldn’t be very Flame.

Just a simple export and import project would do this.


If I’m feeling particularly persnickety, when I’m archiving I’ll drag in one Batch setup / Reel at a time and keep my eye on the Archive Size. When it jumps into the GB I’ve found where that sneaky rendered media is hiding.


I do the same.