Ask a Flame Artist Podcast ep01

You asked for it. Here ya go. The Ask a Flame Artist Podcast.

Joined by @Mbemigh, in Episode 1 we talk about strategies for handling booking conflicts, the different ways to deal with anamorphic footage, basic conforming workflows, when to use Batch vs. BFX and more.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy. You can submit questions of your own at


Is there an RSS feed? Or am I just missing it?

Hey Brooks! Building the website in real time :slight_smile: Here’s the RSS link:

And now it’s added!! Thanks Andy!!!

Well @andymilkis I told you it’d be successful. We got our first and last listener! ha!

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LOL! I’m off to check on that icon. There should be cover art!

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Maybe check restart stone and wire on that Podcast @andymilkis . Or check the framestore permissions.

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I’m running podcast -p as sudo

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Aight that sounds good if that doesn’t work check that it’s rgb not cmyk.

So regarding the Anamorphic workflow. I mostly keep it as is and use ‘view ratio’. But what would be the best way to give to a client if they ask for a TIFF in the highest resolution? Would you do width x 2, or height /2. I also noticed some funky stuff when trying to planar track anamorphic footage in the past. So that was another reason to flatten it out.

For that specific request i would double the x.

That said, I’m gonna use Topaz to upscale anything beyond 2k, so I’d go against my own advice for any shot that required comp work. Haha.