Audio coming in 1 frame off

2024.2.1 on Mac

Got a stereo .wav from the mix house. Client says “out of sync.” Import the QT viewable from mix house and sure enough, the .wav is 1 frame late.

.wav has a 2 pop, the viewable is frame 1 of picture and all picture is lined up.

Called mix house, they import their export and compare: all good. I do the same test in Resolve: it’s good… Then I do the same test in 2023.3.1 and 1 frame off again…

And it’s consistently 1 frame off the entire spot, it’s not a rate mismatch. Bog standard 48khz, 24bit, 23.976

Here’s a screengrab. 2 pop at :58+00, picture at 1:00. Feels like I’m making a very obvious mistake

And here it is in Resolve

I feel like I’ve seen this before with H264 exports. But this was a few versions back. Haven’t seen this in a while. And I’m trying to remember what the workaround is for this issue.

For sure, however he brought his h264 into Protools and it lined up… I’m baffled.

This client has an uncanny obsession with some very specific sound effects.

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Looks like same issue a while back - Weird h264 Audio behaviour


Oh brilliant, thanks for finding that thread!


After some back and forth file sharing with Mix House, we’ve concluded Flame is doing it right. And some software reads h264 audio incorrectly (per that thread above). Also he told us “clients went back and forth on a lot of SFX, it may be just a little misremembering”