Export audio

Hey brain,
Since upgrading to 2023 I had problems with clients not being able to hear audio on their PCs, when exporting media from Flame.
I always used the default H264 export settings, but no luck anymore…
Did something change?



Not sure what the default is since there are quite a few selections for H264, but in general I always set my audio to Linear PCM, 24-bit, no mixdown. But I rarely output h264.

And by PC, do you literally mean a windows machine? I’ve found that a lot of people who view this stuf on windows machines have really old apps.

I have a couple of h264 presets that used to work but now produce terrible sound issues when uploaded to our Slack chat (downloaded files are fine).

Also I used to cheat my h264 .movs into .mp4 by just changing the file extension. This apparently made my files mute. Once the file extension was changed back, so did the sound.

I don’t have a definitive answer for you or if any of this helps.

Had exactly this issue many times …over many iterations of Flame. I never export h264 from Flame because of this, but my colleague did this two days ago on Flame Assist, and we had the same loss of audio on pc playback.
I exported as prores, than ran it through Compressor to make the h264 and problem solved.

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