Behaviour of Gmask gradients in Action

Hey there!

First off, I started learning Flame not so long ago and just discovered the Logik community, which I find is thrilling! Thanks everyone contributing!

Now, I still got noob question:

I was wondering why when using multiples Gmasks with gradients (some on different inputs) in an Action node, the zone where the gradients are intersecting is always messed up whatever the comp mode I choose. Like the top layer retains the semi transparency of the gradient below itself.

Is there a way that a new input - in top of the other one - acts like whatever is below itself is seen as “flat”? Or is it just the way it is in an Action node?


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In the action setup menu, rendering tab, try swapping the render mode from z-buffer to z-sort.

In the 2021 online help:
-About Action
—Action Interface Overview
—-Changing the Drawing Order with the Priority Editor
——Analyze, Z-Sort and the Z-Buffer

Here’s the link

You may be experiencing geometry intersection issues.


Z-buffer is a pain, generally. I always turn it off probably because I try and keep it nice and simple and 2d.

Could the issue be related to the gmask mode things: atop etc?

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Thank you all for your replies. I’ll play with the Drawing order next week but it seems to be what I was looking for.