BorisFX discount code - not working

I was about to renew/upgrade my BorisFX OFX and suddenly remembered there’s a discount code on Well I entered the code as shown, all lowercase, with the dash, without the dash… and nothing worked.

I thinkt the last Logik Live had the latest code working: (URL is at the right time)

Thank you good sir. And for anyone else reading along that code is Logik-2023. (sounds like a website update is needed).

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Finally had a few moments to do some house keeping. Sadly, that code does not work either.

Hello all- Check back tomorrow. We are in mid transition into NAB sale mode, where all the prices will be discounted directly without the need for a code. So right now the codes or shut off. You just caught us in the in between period, being worked on right now.

If you need something today, just PM me and I can honor the sales price.

Tomorrow works just as well as today. Thanks

That’s it. Andy and I are dropping everything we are doing and gonna fly to Las Vegas personally and deal with this for you guys.

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Or actually just got the ping that it should be live now! 25% off!


I would expect nothing less.




Hi Brian and CHQ, I’m just trying to do the same as I’m being passed some shots that have sapphire. This code seems to not work, the field just resets when I click apply

Does the discount code no longer work @FriendsFromBorisFX?

Did you use Logik-2023

Yessir, but nope…


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Hey all…this is my bad. BorisFX has issued us a new affiliate link and I’m late in getting that set up. Standby…I’ll update you once it’s live and the discount is applied.

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While Andy fiddles with some knobs, if you are in a rush I can set you up with the same discount.



Just wondering what the new discount code is?

Or should I be watching Logik Live to get that info? I always have good intentions but never seem to find the time…

I meant to clarify, for the entire Boris FX Suite. Now that Syntheyes is on there too, it makes sense. Could we get an affiliate link for these as well?