Caching nodes - what format?

I have a project set to ProRes 4444/RAW.

When I enable the cache for a node in batch and render, what exactly is it writing to disk? It looks like .raw files, if I go digging in the frame store. I was kind of expecting it to write ProRes to Disk - is it doing RAW because of the ProRes/RAW project setting? If I changed or made a new project set to ProRes without the RAW part, would it then cache ProRes frames to disk?

When I import a clip and have Flame generate proxies, it looks like it is writing ProRes to disk for that.

Iā€™m just trying to verify things. Trying to squeeze what I can out of a very humble home setup. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Matt,

From my understanding is that you are setting up a preferred format for any intermediates you may create. This includes caching, proxies, rendering, etc. This all gets written to your designated storage drive.

Now any resolution that is capable of being stored in your format will use your preferred choice. IE - 10 bit media will be stored in ProRes (if thats your choice).

However, when you start working with other media that is beyond the preferred choice (ProRes) - IE 16bit media, this wont work for the chosen ProRes intermediate. So Flame switches to another format capable of saving this data without downscaling the resolution. This might be EXR or a RAW data depending on what you choose or not.

In your case, I assume all media that can, is stored in ProRes 4444 and other media beyond this format is stored as RAW RGB data.

Please let me know if this makes sense.


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That makes total sense. Thanks for explaining. Clears up quite a bit. :slightly_smiling_face: