Cast Your Vote for One Frame of White 2020!

Here are the 13 Amazing Entries for the 2020 One Frame of White!

This year, the community’s votes will be added to the scores from the judges.

Please select your favorite. You can use the YouTube links to view each entry or see them all at You can only vote once and this poll will close at 11:59:59pm on Wednesday, October 7th.

The winners will be announced on Logik Live this Sunday, October 11th! Click here to register to watch the show live!

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@ytf, your music is interesting. tell us about it. And your custom 2pop image? ha!

I thought the 2 pop would be cut off before it was displayed.

The music is 400 Hz tone. I pitch corrected it in the audio time warp to roughly make a G Major scale then arranged the tones to play the Ode to Joy, (with 4 part harmony) plus the band tuning up in the beginning. The tuning is far from perfect because some of the correct pitches could not be created. It is an imperfect science. It also can’t be exported digitally: the encoding screws up the tones. Many just become clicks, so I had to play it out analog, record it on the last MacPro I have with a stereo analog input card, then re-import it. I expected the rendered final to be put to that audio, hence the 2 pop. As I was animating it, I decided the that it sounded like the Franklin Glass Armonica, which is the instruments the band is playing.


I went G Major also :smiley: absolutely loooved your ode!!

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This is perhaps the most impressive thing I have ever come across on Logik.

(Your song built in Flame, not SJP’s face)

Mind bogglingly incredible. You sure know how to embrace the spirit of OFOW. Huge props to you!!

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thank you. And I’m adding this extra sentence because the forum will not allow me to say “thank you” to two people in a row.

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Noted and working on a solve

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Wowza, that has to be the rule going forward for this year. That you did everything from the ground up including the sound is so damned cool. One-frame-of-white-and-one-tone-of-sound, period, otherwise disqualification!


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A huge shout out and congratulations to everyone that submitted entires for this year’s OFoW. Thank you for all of your hard work and as a small token of appreciation all of you will be promoted to 16bit status.

@vfxpat @GabbGarr @sunnymahour @tomothyhondrox @febreroflame @ytf @iuri.tampolski @Paragj @Smiller731 @DaveS @yola @1ncognit0


Wow, that’s really awesome @randy, thanks a lot man!!


urgh!! too late to vote! - mine would have gone to “Joy” by Stephen Miller - that robot :slight_smile:

I just watched the awards show on YouTube as I couldn’t make the live stream yesterday. I thought that Andy, Renee and Grant made a great hosting trio and really kept it rocking along. Loved seeing all the interviews and sparks of insights on the entries. Looking forward to diving down into some of these batches in these really great entries in this period of lockish down. Your entries brought joy in these tough times and whilst and you all brought some really great and bright Flame work through the thick z-fog of Covid. Nice work, as always Andy rallying this together so so well! You’re all of you winners who entered this year’s comp and make up one big frame of right!



Thanks so much, Tony!