One Frame of White 2021: RESULTS

Congratulations Stephen for his entry “The Logik Race 2021”

Here are the results for One Frame of White 20201:

  1. “Logik Race 2021” by Stephen Miller - London, UK
    Prize: Dell Precision 7760 Mobile Workstation, courtesy of Dell and Nvidia
  2. “Logik Concept Car” by Abel Milanes - Vancouver, Canada
    Prize: 12 month license of Flame, courtesy of Autodesk
  3. “The Renderdome Bandit” by Adam Taylor - Bacup, UK
    Prize: T-Tap Pro, courtesy of AJA
  4. “Relics” by Michael Wardner - Pine Lake, US
    Prize: Permanent License of Mocha Pro OFX, courtesy of BorisFX
  5. “A.I. Changes Everything” by Mor Komuves - Budapest, Hungary
    Prize: 1 year subscription to to the 2K Max Plan from
  6. “The Logik Demo” by Antonis Ntelis - Athens, Greece
    Prize: Permanent License of vMix HD from
  7. “Disassemble” by Dan McCarthy - Toronto, Canada
    Prize: $300 credit towards cloud backup from Backblaze
  8. “Flame On?” by Ralph Scaglione - New Fairfield, USA
    Prize: $99 Gift Certificate to fxPHD

Congratulations to all of our contestants and thank you to all of our sponsors! You can download Prores versions of each entry and all of the setups at


Congratulations to all the Winners!!


A really diverse and inspiring bunch of entries. Congratulations to all!

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