CentOS coming to an end


This news is going unnoticed, but , of course, it’s very important. Bad news for autodesk. Apple migrates to M1, centos discontinued… Who could take over? fedora is usually the redhat test box. It’s the opposite of the stability required by autodesk. Migrating to .deb could be great and having ubuntu as a desktop would be a dream.

After all, windows seems a more peaceful place, :laughing:

I would love to see a migration to a .deb architecture like Ubuntu LTS. CentOS feels like such a dinosaur for day to day use. I use Linux as my primary OS most places. There are so many great Linux distros that are really usable.

I’m also encouraged by Microsoft’s apparent outside in approach to supporting Linux. They’re adapting most of their software, WSL2, making big contributions to the Linux kernel, etc. I can see a world where a Micrsoft supported / endorsed Linux becomes the market share leader. Maybe I’m dreaming, but it seems to make a lot of financial sense for them.

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Anything new about what Autodesk will do about CentOs?

Hi @carloscampos,

There is no information we can share about the CentOS replacement at the moment.

An announcement on this topic will be made in due time.