Cent os 7.4 & flame 2022

Hi everyone,
Can I expect a smooth install of the latest version on cent os 7.4 ?
Any hiccups ?

I believe only 7.6 and 8.2 are supported now with Flame 2022. They do provide an “easy update” script to get you to 7.6

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Hi @rohankhokar,

@ALan is correct. CentOS 7.4 is not supported with Flame 2022 (only CentOS 7.6 and 8.2 are).


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Definitely back up everything first before running that script though and have some buffer time. The easy update script left my system not being able to reboot.

FWIW I had good success updating systems from 7.2 and 7.4 to 7.6 with the Autodesk script, well worth doing to have a somewhat more modern OS.

The real question of course is where is Autodesk going to go now that CentOS is a dead end: AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, or back to needing a RHEL license…

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There’s no upgrade path, it’s an install-from-scratch.

It’d be nice if Ubuntu was the industry standard Linux distro for Post Production. I’m running a few bits of software that specify CentOs though and none of them seem to have a new Linux path. Hope it’s not a case of every developer waiting to see what everyone else does and therefore nobody doing anything…

I’ve got a feeling though that RockyLinux will basically pick up where CentOs was.

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