Change 'media_path' of a <PyClipNode> respecting the consolidated handles?

Hey Pals,

Does anyone know of a way to change the media_path of a clip in batch without also changing it’s consolidated handles? (soft imports, no caching) … or to correct that back afterward?
Simply re-assigning a media_path seems to also change the name back to the original file name (which i can correct back) and take the whole source image sequence length instead of what was consolidated.
I tried to use the ‘PyClip’ (from the ‘PyClipNode’ .clip) but it’s ‘file_path’ seems to be read only.
Thinking about trying with setting timecode next but i hope i’m missing something to start with and that it can be easier than what i’m down trying.

Any help appreciated!

@fredwarren maybe?

Bonjour Stéphane,

I don’t think there is nothing that would prevent the handles to be changed since you are basically linking to a new clip.

You could always add a request to be able to consolidate in the Python API, but I don’t thibk it would be enough here as you would need to trim the start of the clip as well.

I think the best approach could probably be to import the new clip, connect it to the same node and delete the old clip.

Bonjour et merci Fred,
I’ll go the import way then.
Hope you are well!