Reveal in Finder/Media Hub

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wanted to shoot a quick path to someone from a conform, library or what-have-you.

A “Reveal in Media Hub” would at least allow me to double-click the over-head path and cut/paste it.

I saw a solution in the logik portal for it, but for those with ENG/IT install challenges, it’d be great if that existed in the software. It does in just about everything else. Wondering if ADSK can implement the python script and “bake” it into the software… The work seems to be done already.

Apparently there’s an accepted feature request for it FL-00990 - Reveal in Finder It’s closed, but I added something in the comments just for S&Gs.


I’ve often wished for this. Even just for “Take me to this location on the job system.”
It would be handy for finding another take of the blood hit stock element in the convoluted asset library. Or just getting into the current shot’s directory to find other things.

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While you are in batch you can alt+shift+double click on a clip and it will open the mediahub at the location of the clip. I use it all the time for finding different takes of elements. Usually best to duplicate the clip first and then do it as whatever clip you select in the mediahub will replace the original clip when you go back into batch.

It’s keyboard shortcut 387 - Replace Clip from Mediahub

It would be nice if you could do this on the desktop too though…


Not bad, though… You can at least steal the path and cancel out.

Still would like it in library/timeline/desktop etc.