Changing IP of Flame workstation temporarily (macOS)


would like to transfer/offload data from my Flame workstation (macOS) to an NAS in an
other IP subnet.

I heard that flame does not like at all if it’s IP is changed… but is it ok if the IP is
changed temporarily as long Flame is not started/running?



Flame processes already starting after user login for background processes I would suggest (iMac Pro, Catalina 10.15.7) and we’ve had always “difficulties” by changing the IP especially with Backburner. I don’t know how it works for other user’s but here it is better to login as a different user for that IP change procedure.
Edit: I know that technically it may make not sense because of Flame’s install path is independent from the user path and it’s also multi user compatible but may be it’s because of the other user has no admin right’s at all.

Thank you very much Waldi for coming up with the idea of changing the IP under a different/new user:)
It did work and Flame is still running after setting the ip back to its original value :slight_smile:


Just wondering what will happen for the case my router(dhcp) will give me some day a different dynamic IP (probably not likely but not impossible)…

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Our pfSense router gives me the opportunity to define static IP’s for every local network participant even if it is DHCP controlled. Static IP’s are strongly recommended anyway for networks were clients have access to other clients whereas clients can be file storage, other users, back up storage, file transfer, host applications, network renderer, licenser server and so on. For your local host application Backburner you are completely right - I would recommend changing this from dynamic to static on your router.