Sharing projects between two Flames

I know this sounds like a total noob question, but its something we have never needed before and now we do…

I need to open and work on a project started on our Flame Assist, on my Flame, whilst Luke works on a different project on the Flame Assist.

is this possible, and how is it achieved?

Both macs are on the same 10gb network, and each has its own dedicated raid (not shared). The other proviso is that i’ll be operating my flame over a vpn as I’m currently working from home and unable to drive to collect archives etc!.

Any suggestions how best to do this would be very welcome!



3 choices if you are on the same network and networking is configured correctly.

  1. You can restore that archive onto your local machine and work locally.

  2. On the project launcher splash screen, you can choose his machine under the host on the left side, and you’ll then be presented with the projects on that machine and then you can choose that project and work away over the network.

  3. You can navigate to the other Flame via the Media Hub and wire anything you need to your local storage and work locally.


Thanks Randy…i’ll try the easier one of those options tomorrow…splash screen project opener…then it all remains on the same machine…i’ll just be finishing some roto that’s already been started.

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Oh yeah, thats far less complicated than I was picturing. Depending on network and machine performance, that could either be seamless or not. Worst case scenario? Have him save you a gmask tracer setup on shared storage somewhere, you load the footage yourself from anywhere, and save him back a gmask tracer node. Easy and you get to work locally and theres hardly any data moving around.

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Good idea!

Hi Randy, In this workflow which computer’s cpu/gpu is used when rendering?

Was wondering if people found that they lost this feature with the single user license?

We’ve got 3 x main Flames and 2 x Flame Assists, and this ‘access-another-project-host-via-splash-screen’ is something we’ve been doing for nearly 2 years now, all day every day.

@La_Flame answered some questions I had here:

Even though almost all our jobs are pretty resource-hungry (UHD EXRs etc), there have only been maybe two or three occasions where one Flame has struggled while another has been rendering hard. 99% of the time it’s trouble-free and a total Godsend - we just wouldn’t be able to schedule half our projects without this capability.

@johnag I think that in this scenario, the Flame you’re using is the render engine, but it pushes the rendered frames to the stone of the project host computer.

Alternatively here’s my feature request to sort out proper centrally-shared projects:

I haven’t had the courage to attempt what @ALan suggested in reply to my FR, but here’s his link anyway!

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we just tried it, and it seems we have a problem with “wiretap gateway” on the Flame Assist refusing to start!
Gonna get autodesk to take a look.

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If you’re sharing storage between your two machines, when you open a project from a different host, then you’re handling the heavy lifting and the metadata is just saving to the host’s /opt/Autodesk/project/XXX directory.

But, if you’re not sharing storage devices between the machines, then you’re reaching through your network to pull frames to process on your machine. On top of the metadata traffic. Which can slow things down if you’re not on a fast network. Even 10gE is not that great to work this way.

Either way, your machine is processing the frames.

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Shouldn’t matter, as long as there are two licensed machines on the same network, they’ll either see each other through autodiscovery or they’ll see each other if you manually tell each of them where the other is and what their names are. Stone+Wire config stuff…