Has anyone used flame on a cintiq? Did you like it?

I tried it out once, and it was cool for the novelty of it. But I found, outside of doing heavy paint work, it’s not the best or fastest tool to run Flame on. Too much elbow grease to just move from one corner of the screen to the other, which with a small Wacom, is barely a twitch of the wrist.


I had a play round for about 10-15 minutes on one, not with Flame running but very much with the thinking of what would this be like for flame. I’d pretty much decided after a couple of minutes that it wouldn’t be particularly helpful. I also decided that ergonomically, I definitely wouldn’t want to be working with a Cintiq all day everyday. This one had a stand at a 45 degree angle but with my neck titled down and the bigger movements it would not have been nice to use.

Probably great for a cartoonist, artist or architect/draftsman who wanted it to feel like an old school drafting/drawing setup but for what we do not so much.

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I tried it. The biggest issue I had was that the Flame UI or Flame experience isn’t designed for it like how in Photoshop you can get rid of the entire UI and just paint, for example.


On MacOS it’s great, on Linux the driver wasn’t working that nice. Only big issue with cintiq is, that you need 100% tablet space, while the normal tablets have -5% space. Making it impossible to use the swipe features Flame has.
Also a lot of popups are behind your hand while clicking.

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All in all it sounds to me like a not in.

I’d say that Cintiq is not a bedfellow of Flame.

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And the word “bedfellow” itself might need to be examined.

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Les give it up for da bedfellows in da house!

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You can actually come close to it by hiding the Media Panel and Explorer and ctrl-swiping at the bottom of the screen to hide the tools at the bottom. If someone likes this, I would then encourage you to create a Layout for this so you can easily go back to that layout with a single button click. A shortcut can even be mapped to it.


omg is this gif from Bottom or from Statesman?

Bottom I think.

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Sorry. I apparently really threw this thread off track. Never mention BEDFELLOWS.
Dammit I just mentioned it again.


I don’t think you did. I got all the info I needed. The right click options being covered by the hand was a showstopper for me. Small but essential detail that would really be irritating. Plus the slowness and poor Linux integration.

Yeah. There’s just no role for Cintiq in Flame.