Flame 2025 Remapping Wacom Area - Rocky 9.3

Rocky 9.3 - Dual 4k monitors. When I’m in the Desktop environment, the span of my Wacom is mapped correctly across both monitors. When I enter Flame I can see in the terminal that it’s mapping my area to 1/2 the size it should be (22400 instead of 44800) so I’m losing 1/2 my tablet’s workable area.

I’ve been using this exact setup in Flame across CentOS, earlier vers of Rocky and many versions of Flame without issue. Now that I’m trying to use it on my new Fury, Flame 2025.0.1 on Rocky 9.3 is not treating the tablet correctly.

Does this ring a bell for anyone (my Gnome scale is 100% btw)? Does anyone know where Flame grabs this info for startup and is it possible to change it?

Executing command: /bin/sh DISPLAY=":1" /usr/bin/xsetwacom --set "Wacom Intuos Pro M Pen stylus" Area 0 0 22400 29600

I don’t see it in init.cfg and have looked a lot of places with no luck.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts…

PS - I have opened a case with support, but figured I’d see if this rings a bell with anyone in the community just in case.

It is a known issue, and being addressed outside of this forum.
Bug FP-03206.


Thanks Alan,

Do you think this is the same issue? My Gnome desktop is set to 100% (Flame is at 110% Magnification) and I still have the issue.

My only fix seems to be to constantly run the “xsetwacom set” to override the Area to the correct settings whenever Flame forces it back to the wrong ones - Which seems to be whenever some sort of UI overlay is displayed, like clicking on the FLAME menu in the lower left, or context clicking.

I’d pursue that with support using the bug ID I gave you. The proper people are well aware of the issue.

Thanks Alan.

I’ve updated that defect with my notes. Does manually overriding Flame with the correct Wacom setting in Terminal fix the issue on your end?

If so, I wonder if running that command via a script every second or so would create a noticeable hit to performance and might temporarily “fix” the issue until a more permanent solve is found.