ColorSync Compatible

So does anyone know, is the new magic ColorSync Compatible button in Export just tagging it 1-2-1 instead of 1-1-1?

Is it doing anything else in the background or is it 100% just fixing the tag?

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Original topic “What the heck is going on?”

Follow up topic “How to ‘fix’ it.” (its not really fixed, it just breaks other things. Its an unfixable dilemma, really.)

Hi Carl,

The ColorSync Button is only changing the tagging in the file’s metadata. It does not alter anything concerning the actual media.



I’m confident I did not use the word “heck.”

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Aha, my answer was down that second rabbit hole. Was looking for some way to make a quicktime exported from AE match the quicktime exported from flame with the colorsync button pushed so that I didn’t have to import/export a ton of tiff sequences for them.

The answer is @finnjaeger ‘s very nicely formatted ffmpeg command and/or accompanying script.

Thanks all!

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Actually one other question Grant if you know, is the ColorSync Compatible button basically doing the same thing that @finnjaeger is doing and setting the nclc tagging to 1-2-1 and then using the ‘gama’ tag quicktime is supposed to be ignoring to set the gamma to 2.4 or are they doing something else sneaky?

Also also, in case anyone feels like doing this in AMCDX instead:

its doing that you cna see it in amcdx.

it has a bit more logic in it though, like when you select srgb as your outpput lut it does 1-13-1 I think (sRGB) .

Afaik the button only switches between 1-1-1 and 1-2-1 doe anything 709

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If this fixes the gamma issues we have all struggled with, would it not make sense for it to be on as default, rather than off?

Well whether or not it “fixes” the issue is up for debate and depends on who you talk to. There’s an argument for both sides. Frankly, it’d be great if we didn’t have to deal with this and if everyone could agree on what is correct…and by everyone I mean colorists and software developers (Filmlight, Autodesk, YouTube, Instagram, Apple, etc, etc, etc).

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