Export 1-1-1 on flame

Hi guys
We have an export problem. On Mac, flame 2022, we try to export on QuickTime prores tagged 1-1-1. By default the prores are tagged 1-2-1 and we succeeded by changing color management tagged color space to rec 709. But since this morning all exports are in 1-2-1, regardless the color space export selected.

Turn off ColorSync on Export.


Man that’s just amazing :grinning: the team where I work is looking for it since yesterday. And 10 minutes on logik solves it. Thanks for the forum again!


Those export settings are called NCLC tags and if you search NCLC on the forums there are a couple of mega threads going into detail about all of this. Good luck!!!

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Thanks! Someone here used AMCDX video patcher on the exported file, if it can be useful

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I may need to look into that.

I used to use JES Extensifier but it has been discontinued and won’t work on newer OS.

Yea I posted a ffmpeg tool somewhere to do this also :thinking:

AMCDX doesnt really have a batch mode, its awesome but its not what you want to do things in a batch way.

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