Colour Sample shortcomings - why is it not like the others?

Before I rant, does the colour sampler in 2022 calculate the values at different bit depths? If not, please go to the feedback portal and up-vote FI-01883. It seems silly that this vital tool lack what every other colour tool in flame possesses.

My workaround is placing a resize node before which brings it down to whatever bit depth I want to sample…
But yes… a workaround…

Haven’t had my hands on 2022 yet.

One of many, yet there are none that work on the timeline, and that’s where I usually need to make a quick check. Clients supply their call-outs in 8 bit rgb. Sometimes I just convert the values in paint, then write down the 10 or 12 bit translations for checking on the timeline.

I’ll do the same trick as GapFX on top track. Resize after Backclip to desired bit depth and sample.

How is your feature request campaign going @ytf ?

@andymilkis was just talking about Pantone Colours in the Discord channel and in the depths of my memory I thought I remembered this feature request of yours :hugs:

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You must be fucking psycic. not 30 seconds ago I deleted a snarky post I was about to send Fred after he mentioned that I was correct about the new auto-frame snap feature.

Here I am with Today’s Corporate Red colour Reference spread sheet.


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Colour Sampler translator


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Hahaha. I too have pages of 8bit RGB values written down.

I know this is convoluted and barely usable, but one thing you could do within Flame is:

  1. Open the Colour Sampler Window (Alt-Space-C)
  2. Select the pixel of your choice using the Red box widget
  3. Click on Add inside the Colour Sampler Window
  4. Close the Colour Sampler Window
  5. Open the Colour Picker by clicking on any colour button
  6. Select the colour you just added from the presets colour
  7. Use the bit-depth drop down at the bottom left of the Colour Picker window.

This should give you the translation you are looking for within Flame.

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Since I am checking to see if things match a desired colour, the easiest thing to do is translate those desired colours first, write them down, then refer to the spread sheet as I check. If I find something that doesn’t match, chances are I will be making the appropriate fix in batch where I have more options. Seriously, this does not seem like a hard thing to implement, and it already functions somewhat properly in all the other colour source modules.

@ytf We have added a mean to see the colour information in different bit depth inside the Colour Sampler window (including in a new hexadecimal value) in Flame 2023.1 Update

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I will look forward to it. Thank you

I liked the fact that I got an email telling me that the feature request has been implemented :+1:
I’ve not had that before :thinking:

That’s because you commented in the feedback forum when I made the initial request. You automatically get other comments and Fred added the comment that the request had been fulfilled.

New feature or nothing else that I have voted up has been implemented :thinking:

It was linked to the comments, not the upvote. It is just a coincidence that the email recieved was that it had been implemented. He could have told me it was a shit idea and you would have gotten that too.

Ahh. Gotcha.

I am not a frontier man so I don’t have the latest version. Let me know if it is any good :+1:

I’m a little backed up in that department as well . . .