Flame Feedback requests implemented in Flame 2023.1 Update

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the list of requests submitted at flamefeedback.autodesk.com that have been implemented in the Flame 2023.1 Update. The list is small this time but we hope to implement more in the next update. Thanks to all of you who are using this platform.

FI-00732 - Add Hex Values to Colour Picker

FI-01008 - Animation Editor : Show segment/setup Start and End indications

FI-01883 - Colour Sampler: Ability to visualize the colour information at different bit depth

FI-01941 - Python: Print messages at bottom of screen in flame.

FI-02116 - Animation: Add a Link with negated value option

FI-02441 - Color Space: Support for Filmlight’s T-Log/E-Gamut

FI-02745 - All adsk_*.service systemd scripts are installed in the wrong directory

FI-02789 - Python API: Add PySegment.color enabled/disabled aka NoColor to PySegment attributes