Colour warper issues

This is something I’ve seen for a while now, but never seen it referred to, or seen it flagged as a bug.
If you do a difference matte between before and after the colour warper, as soon as i make a slight change I get a difference, even if I set the parameter back to default. Looking at the scopes it appears the black level drops a tad. If you reset the node, (as opposed to entering the starting value), then there is no difference.

I can confirm this. What is interesting is that it doesn’t reset if I ctl>click to default, or Alt>click to remove the keyframe, but if I Ctl-Alt> click it resets properly. If that wasn’t bad enough, just setting a keyframe causes it to be different.

Ah, yes. just tried setting a keyframe before altering any values, same issue.

Yes, it appears to be an issue with keyframes. With autokey off, it appears to function correctly.

Yes, I can confirm thet with autokey off, when re-entering the default value, there is no difference.

It appears to do this when a keyframe is added:

@FriendsFromAutodesk would be delighted to have a bug report…

Submitted Case number 22459296


Thank you for contacting Autodesk Technical Support. My name is Abraham Borbujo from Madrid(Spain) Autodesk Office and I’m happy to assist you.

With the information provided, I was able to reproduce the same issue you are experiencing.

I need to validate with the Development Team if this issue have been logged previously and check it in newer Flame versions and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and collaboration.