Unexpected colorwarper behaviour after 2024.1 upgrade

After upgrading to 2024.1 one of my setups has a problem with colorwarper with selective. Not only one but most of the colorwarper nodes has the same problem.

Only tried it with one project, but this might affect other projects potentially.

Here’s a video…
And on the MacOS the problem overlays on the GUI as well

I have isolated the problematic nodes and sent an archive to Autodesk with case #20747744

I’m hoping it’s just this one setup…

Please open a ticket with our Support team.

I just played with 2024.1 for a hot minute, Color Warper selective and overlay fine.

M1 Ultra

The culprit is sevondary control vertex ın the gamma curve. The moment you add a second point colors go wonky. This has been now accepted as a bug.

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That needs to be fixed asap. Is there a way we can vote for that?

This issue has been fixed in the 2024.1.1 Service Pack.