Compositor’s worst nightmare

Movie viewers actually review your work frame by frame.


Can we enhance that?


Working Super Troopers GIF


Background extra #3:
“Do ya think you used too much light wrap?”

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or you could use a nice bright blue rim light on your greenscreen!

make your comp look like a comp whatever you put behind it!


We did. It’s Bodyguard, a Jed Mercurio show which I supervised.

Great work, and good show.

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Some of it was quite “challenging”.

This is endlessly amusing to me for two opposing reasons. The first is casual frame-by-framers always get shit wrong. We had a made-up CGI jet and one pedant got mad because they thought it was an F22 despite having CLEAR differences.

The second is that people miss all kinds of shit. Did you know there was a fucking Challenger mission patch in a superbowl commercial last year?

which is to say: frame by framers are inconsequential. No work of commerce or art has been undone by a bad effect.

(not that you can ever explain this to a client in a way they will take onboard. that toothpaste commercial is their life’s work!)

Amazing. That wardrobe person is a LEGEND!

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my wife (a wardrobe person unrelated to this shoot) and I have speculated at length about how this came about. Nobody’s making or even customizing a costume for a TV spot; they’re renting the costumes. This means that costume was made for something else and the production sold it to the costume house at the end of filming.

I would imagine the costumer went to the costume houses and texted pictures of all the space suits to the director. The director picked them and that was that.

It’s amazing to me that the ad agency, an entity that goes frame-by-frame to have us paint out all graphics, ads, words, and tattooos, didn’t think, “should we do something about that?”

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The Challenger patch was a CGI fix. Original patch was the Hindenburg. Agency caught it.


it could be viewed as honouring them, rather than pretending it didn’t happen. I say this not knowing the context of the patches use.

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Having to explain humor makes it not funny, but I’ll try for you. The wildly inappropriate patch getting past several layers of what should be scrutiny on a huge-budget Super Bowl spot makes a group of people whom regularly make our lives difficult (“we put the green car in front of the green screen!”) look inept. Thanks for assuming the best about your fellow posters!


It wasn’t making fun of the dead, but the living who will obsess over kerning in legal, but allow such a grim mistake.


Healing power of laughter. No sane person denies the holocaust was a horrific loss of human life but Mel’s Brook’s Springtime for Hitler is funny. Likewise @GPM doesn’t think the Challenger disaster was funny but was making a similar ironic point, which was also funny.

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I was in 3rd grade then and watched the Challenger blow up in class, live on tv. My teacher gasped and buckled at the knees, then sobbed. It seemed like barely a few week later and the jokes started. I don’t know where they came from, but they were both grim and hilarious (I still remember a bunch of them…weird how the mind works), acting as a safety release valve for our grief.


MAN, those Twitter comments…some people are just aching for a reason to be outraged, right??


the timecode does not match the sounddesign. they skipped a second and a few frames :snowman_with_snow:

same. I was around that age and I remember the jokes too. It’s the first time I struggled with the complexity of humor.

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