Congratulations Renee Tymn, Flame Award Winner 2021!

Distinguished Logik Members,

Please join me in congratulations our very own Renee Tymn @digitalbanshee for taking home the coveted 2021 Flame Award! Renee, you’ve been an incredibly important contributor to our community since day 1 and thank you for leaning in and doing your thing. We are stronger because of you and can’t wait to build upon this for years to come. You join an impressive list of artists lurking among us and surely will inspire future artists for years to come.

Duncan Malcolm

The champagne is on its way!

Congratulations Renee!

Andy and Randy


Thank you thank you so much! What a wonderful group this is. I am so happy to be surrounded and supported by such fabulous artists, creators, operators, problem-solvers, and magicians. I’m especially grateful to Andy and Randy for putting themselves out there and taking the risk to get this forum off (facebook) and running. What a wonderful space they’ve helped build for our community to flourish in, which was especially fantastic during a global pandemic when we’re all separated…I’ve felt even more together than ever.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and thank you all every day for showing up to support and inspire your fellow artists.


xoxo Renee