Reminder! The Catch Up With Flame Event & 2021 Flame Award Winner - Today @ 12p ET

Hello Friends!

Today @12pm ET it’s the Catch Up with Flame Event followed by the announcement of the winner of the 2021 Flame Award! This webinar will start with a presentation on the new Flame 2022 release, followed by a Q&A with members of the Dev Team. I’ll be there with our good friend @bmack! After that, it’s the Flame 2021 Award! Register NOW at

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Looking forward to Sunday logik live, been good to learn more about 2022 tracker and the remote workflow. Was half concentrating due to work.

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Thanks Anne. It’ll be great to see you there! I hope you’re doing well!!

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You and @bmack did a great job today.
So happy for @digitalbanshee :raised_hands: so well deserved.

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Yes! Great event! Wow, I want to use Twitch to stream all my sessions! LOL. Thank you so much for the Flame award!! I’m so grateful :slight_smile:


I know…that would be brilliant- I hope we can get “twitch bits” from clients for every time we address a new note :blush:

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Congratulations to our very own @digitalbanshee for winning the 2021 Flame Award! And to all the nominees, amazing job.

@digitalbanshee congratulations!


I missed this, any way I can watch this back ?

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At some point, it should be posted on-line :relaxed:



Congratulations @digitalbanshee, well deserved. This year’s award should be the Ivar Beer Award, to honor his memory I think :slight_smile: