Connected instanced nodes through multiple batches

I dunno if this is an idea that is already suggested or, it is just a fantasy.

Let’s imagine a group of batches or BFX that is treating a hundred shot that are exactly the same setup but with different internal (tracking-gmasking, painting…etc.).

Inside each batch, there are many nodes that are doing things that are exactly the same throughout the whole group of batches, like grading, grain, mux…etc.

You can see where my question is going…

I am not sure if this is possible, but why we can’t have an instance of a node on two levels: inside and outside the batch itself, every time you copy this node it has already its mimic behavior on the batch level, AND outside the batch level if needed.
Of course, at any moment, if you want to tweak this (instance) node it will apply on all the nodes inside and outside the batch, or you can make it unique so it has now its unique parameters instead of the instanced parameters.

Anyone is following what I mean?


Hi Chadi, I use the FX Nodes > User Tab, to save my complex flows inside Batch AND BatchFX. Doing that, the parameters can be reproduced and applied in a second.



Hi Chadi,

You might be able to do this with Python, albeit in a “hackish” sort of way. If the node names were constant across all of your setups you could write a script that would find the nodes in the current (active) batch and load a saved setup file overtop of the current one for a given node. But to my knowledge it would be the entire node. You couldn’t replace one axis in one action and not affect the entire action, for example. I’ve done this with things like text setups, etc.


Of course, I am aware that we cannot update certain components of a node (action - gmask) without changing the whole node… but this is a tricky one because I am not sure how to tell Python to update only (selected-tagged) nodes without changing the whole script every time I add a node, it would be a hell of script manipulation. Maybe we should make this as a request for a feature:
Make Node instance (mimic node) that will be highlighted with a special color/mode on two levels (inside the batch) and (outside the batch)
Just saying