Creating a reflection

I am trying to add some glass into a door frame. I have a 3D camera track and I thought that I could get an object to have reflective properties. I have no idea what I am doing with the Stingray Reflections and using Reflection Map isn’t doing the right thing.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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I always loved that shot in contact with the bathroom mirror.
Totally seamless.
No explosions necessary.

I think Sheena Duggal did that shot, maybe even in flame.


I’m just roughing it out in my head, so mileage may vary (a lot)

assuming your door frame is on the x/y plane (any z-position is fine, but the orientation is key) you can copy your tracked camera, put an axis on it with the pivot at the z-position of the door frame and scale the axis by -100z. That’ll make a camera that’ll render out the reflection with the correct motion and spatial placement (like if you put a card near the real camera, the reflection camera would film it).

You’d comp this -100z camera render downstream, and maybe use some slight distortions based on the glass frame to add “realism”.

It’s a variation of this animation I made for another thread: ReflectionAnim


Thank you.

I have just been reading Correct Way to add a reflection

Then there’s the fast way…

Made this a while back for someone else…and sunglasses…I may have another one handy. Looking…


Same technique…different example. It’ll take a few minutes to upload…


These are gold @randy @andy_dill

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a lot of times what I’ll do is track something in the shot and then write an expression to either increase or invert the X and Y directions depending on how the reflection “should” move. For example if a camera is pivoting around an object, reflections BEHIND the object will move counter to the BG direction, but have a similar Y transform to the BG.


I like the -100 scale in z.

@randy Love the video, have you done a series of these?

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I did a bunch a years ago. If you couldn’t tell, @andy_dill and I had a little contest going with who could publish the most content to our internal training site. I was convinced no one was watching them so I’m dedicated to bringing them new life. It’s one of 17 reasons I wanted to start a forum.


@randy I would certainly watch them all if you would kind enough to share.


I hope others have picked up the mantle. I loved making those. It was such a great way to force my workflows onto others. Haha. “Oh, here is the article on how to do that,”

One of the things in my “drafts” on that website was a big thing on various ways to make reflections, largely as a way to brag about how I could get both feet to (sort of) stick on a walking person without a ton of effort.


Id love to see/have the series.


That’s awesome.

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I’m gonna have to add a voice to the chorus asking for more of these videos to be posted!


Cheeky bump to see if that series is potentially on its way;)

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Ooh, a cheeky bump, eh? Nice one @Ben. So, I went through those and well…balls…they were created internally without client permissions and since that is a previous employer of mine, I’m gonna take the high road and stop posting anything with copyrighted material. Plus, it’s from 6 years ago, Flame 2015, so it’s a bit out of date.


@andymilkis and I have been throwing around a few ideas and, whilst we work out the details, I can safely say that we are strongly considering a new type of multi-part theme-based or tool-based pre-recorded (sorry for all the hyphens) content and whilst creating reflections isn’t in production, that could be a great topic.

So, we hear you sir @Ben, and you as well @Los and absolutely you as well @Char87.

This is absolutely a result of the amazing Patron support thus far so look out soon for more goodies.


Amazing stuff! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

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