CRT TV switching off

Has anyone made a CRT switching off effect before?

I would love to make an effect which looks like a synchronised camera recording a CRT TV so you get the bend of the screen with nice scan lines. Then the picture warps together to make a bright ball and shrinks off screen.

I’ve been looking for nice ref but can only find stuff where the camera and screen are out of synch.

I was trying to build a CRT scanner in action but ran into the usual issues of the pixels not showing up properly, being too small, too big and then trying to making sure that each pixel/beam is actually a beam of light that I can then bend and manipulate. I was using GMASKs and replica.

I’ve given up and will probably use a combination of Sapphire and stuff and just bodge it. I thought it would be nice to do it proper physics way though.

Any spoddy advice greatly received.

Spoddy, and I can’t remember the names of the MX’s, but there should be a crok or two to try for this. And as you said, Sapphire.

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Sapphire TV Damage / Page 4 / Controls / Turn Off

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Here’s a quick recording I made of a 9" CRT TV a few years ago to study what the on/off looked like.



Will there be anyone watching it that knows what it should look like.

Just make something cool.


On this subject @randy : are you able to load up this ofx spark to a 16bit colour source 2048x1152 and in default settings interact with the controls fluidly?

I was trying and it was like using an onyx on a 4K plate. Dreadful interaction.

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Interactivity is slow. I suspect its cuz there’s just so mucha stuff happening. Paging . Sr Fox, is it true that Sapphire TV Damage is a bit heavy to render cuz science?

So mocha doesn’t really factor into it unless you have turned on and are tracking. If it’s off, then it’s bypassed and if you want to be 100% sure there is a bypass check box.

S_TVDamage is not GPU accelerated for reasons that pre-date my knowledge. It does fall under the slow category depending on what params you have set, there’s a ton going in there. But it shouldn’t be dreadful. I’ll take a look on your settings in Flame.

Hi Brian

Not sure if you made a typo and meant to say I would rather than I will. Never the less I can say that my comment was based on loading the ofx in 2022 using a pretty fast machine and in default. Perhaps our experience of slow is the same but my expectations are higher which mean my comments are more dramatic. I do feel compared to the TV matchboxes I’ve seen, the sapphire is pretty slow. It is also slow to my memory of bad tv spark which may have been a tinder spark.