Defining what Flame Junior Means (Survey)

I think ‘Tango’ is one of my favorite films ever.

I started on Orad back in 1997…which was an Israeli competitor to Discreet Frost for live broadcast virtual studios, and ran on an SGI Onyx Reality Engine 2!

I’m sure there are Flame people who came in from some oblique angles too…maybe medical imaging or something?!

I washed dishes in many restaurants
Then I cleaned plates for a living.


I was a hired hand on a dairy farm, so I learned how to work while knee deep in shit.


Great link. I remember when I was at MPC, they set up a new department called the Printed Picture Company with Richard Bain running.

Back in the day, a couple of us Harry ops at MPC would go down to Quantel to teach people how to use Harry, I was amazed when I was told that some of the tech came from the medical side and difference matting came from military applications.

I’m pretty sure I heard back in the late 90’s that flames 2d tracker came from the military, used for tracking missiles… not sure if thats true

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You’re right…


A lot of our tech comes from the military. Siggraph in the eighties (and maybe still) had a huge contingent of rocket scientists. We owe the military for tracking and flat screens, along with a myriad of other tech we take for granted. As a buddy of mine once commented at my first siggraph convention, “It’s the dark side of computer graphics.”