Flame and nuke guys help

Hi guys, I’m a freelance flame artist. I’m trying to learn nuke. I can support you in your projects for free ( Roto paint basic comp in nuke) Work is learned on the job.I’m just looking for opportunities to improve myself.



Welcome Deniz! Thanks for letting us know. It’s super helpful for us to know where you are, what your experience is, and a link to examples of your work. Mind sharing? Thanks!

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Offering free work is not the way. It’s unfair to the junior Nuke folks you’re essentially competing against and it’s never good for the health of any industry overall. In my opinion, you should just present yourself as a junior Nuke artist and work at that pay rate. ActionVFX also just posted hundreds of free plates to practice on if you’re just looking to get your skills up on Nuke.


I’m not forcing anyone to give me a job? This is not a way. I’ve been a flame artist for 10 years. I want to spend my free time learning nuke. It’s important for me to be with talented artists. Is it unfair ? I don’t compare myself to nuke junior artists? Have you ever lived in a Middle Eastern country and tried to take part in international projects? I can say a lot about justice.
Thanks for help


I agree with @BrittCiampa. Nobody is forced anything, but someone can be taken advantage off. I assume most of us here know better anyway, which case this will lead to nothing in the first place.

If you have 10yrs Flame experience, look for jobs at that experience level that have a more relaxed schedule. Try them first in Nuke. If you get somewhere, finish it in Nuke. If you get stuck, switch to Flame, finish it there and then you can always debug the Nuke version after you ship.

That’s what I did in the Nuke-Flame transition. There were a few jobs which I thought I could do in Flame, and I wasn’t quite there yet, so I finished them in Nuke. Over time I had more jobs I was able to stay in Flame for instead of falling back on Nuke. You still get paid for the job at your appropriate rate, and no one gets hurt. If the schedule allows you don’t even have to tell the client which tool you used. It shouldn’t be material anyway.

And let’s leave the culture card out of the conversation. A lot of us here have very diverse backgrounds.

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What’s also working great is @allklier 's variant, but reversed. So you just take the finished flame job and try to redo it in nuke in your free/learning time. In case the flame jobs don’t have to much relaxed time.


Thank you. For your help but I have already tried these.
In recent years, I have worked for a long time with feature and episodic works. And on these projects, I only worked with supervisors who used nuke. We disagreed on some issues. That’s why I wanted to meet artists who use both nuke and flame. So I can understand things more easily. Because we speak the same language. You can ask the tricks you want to learn. You can work on the tutorial for days. It’s never a work discipline
What I’m talking about is small helps. I can ask what I want to learn while I’m helping. I can get confirmation from the shot I made.

We are in a creative industry. Artists are hired with their skills. I don’t take the job away from anyone.

I gave up on helping. Thank you for your wonderful support

Well, that is a totally different scenario than your original post.

You can post specific cases here (if screenshots can be shared), as this could be an interesting discussion. Nuke comes up here on a regular basis.

If you can’t share screenshots in the forum, the Discord channel has a conference room where you can screen share with fellow forum members in a discussion.

You can check out Logik Academy Pro which has covered Nuke specific topics, such as learning Nuke for Flame artists. That’s a private forum and much more hands-on.

I can think of a number of folks on here who work in both apps and may be good people to get to know to have these discussions. I’ll let them speak for themselves though, not tagging anyone.

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It’s not a different scenario from the original post.
I even said I could do basic nuke comp. No one pays for basic work. I’ve been freelancing for a while now and I’ve never had an easy shot. If I had such an opportunity, I would talk about the details.

I’m always doing flame work non-stop. I wanted to create free time for myself and learn other things. Because doing the same things all the time does not improve people.

From the very beginning, it seems like I’m lying. I am criticized and questioned. I have no intention of fooling anyone. It’s sad to be subjected to this behavior.

I don’t want help. I solve my own problems.
Thank you.