Newbie on this forum - maybe jumping on flame again soon (freelance)

Hey gang,
I’ve been notified I may be needed for some flame work. (yay!)
The thing is, I haven’t been on flame for 5+ years. (boo!)
Any tips for an old-timer and old-school flamer? I don’t anticipate using a whole bunch of the new tools, just working on shots “old-school”.

Any input welcome
thanks, jake

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Hi Jake.

Not sure what kind of work you will be doing, but there are lots of new tools that make old style tasks much easier.

Planar Tracker
Motion Vector Tracking
New 3D Tracker.

Those are the big ones for my style of work. Definitely embrace those if the use case fits. Of coures there have been lots of bug fixes and workflow tweaks. If you are doing timeline, multi spot conform, I’m sure there is lots of new stuff there too, but we just do shot based here.


The paintnode got much faster some updates ago (still much slower than the one in nuke), so there is no more need going around today.
If you have small beauty works, the ML Face extraction (and ML tools overall) are also worth to checkout, as you reduce a lot of time masking out rough parts.

In a nutshell the oldschool flame way is very slow (compared to all the features added the last years). Therefore if you use it more often again, you def. need to checkout all the updated functions.

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Hey Jake! Nice to see ya

color workflow is also revamped - be good to know if you are working in ACES prob ahead of time. if you are doing old skool rec709 you are prob good


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