Determine storage space used per project


The available storage space on my Flamestore does decrease very quickly even I am only using relatively small footage.

Is there a way to determine the storage-size per project?


I know that if you go into Preferences → Storage and click on Volume Statistics, it gives you a screen that allows you to sort all of your libraries based on how many frames they use. However, I’ve noticed that it isn’t exactly accurate in terms of cached vs uncached frames. I have a project with TONS of uncached frames that it still considers in this calculation.

So if anyone does know a good way to figure out actual project sizes I would love to know too!

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Bumping this! I would like to know too. Does anyone have any clever tips? One framestore per project?

When creating a new project, you can setup the framestore location. Actually I’ve never tried it, so pls proof me wrong. But therefore, adding a subfolder each project there also should put all media inside that for better sorting on your filesystem.

Define “relatively small” footage? Don’t forget media in a project that is resized and rendered in a Flame project will require storing both the original and rendered resolution.

Old Batch Iterations will also have media in it that you may not realize. Motion vectors will also be quite big.

Also, one Framestore per project is a bad idea. This may no longer be the case but I was under the impression that you could only have 7 entries for framestores… but I could be wrong about that now.