DI Finishing Consult

Hey everyone…I’m looking for an DI finishing editor with significant feature film experience, to share their insight (via Zoom) with my team. We are primarily a commercial fx/animation/color shop, but soon will be diving into the feature world. Nothing complicated here, just want to discuss DI workflow, colorspace, tactics, etc… from someone who has significant DI experience. Hope to buy an hour of your time. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!



@Josh_Laurence perhaps?

thanks Randy - I’ll reach out to offer my two cents

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Thanks Randy!

Hi @kpix - I’ve worked as a DI Editor for about seven years at various companies such as Company 3, Harbor and Postworks from indie to very large studio films so I’m open to offering any insight on my experience if interested

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Great. What’s the best way to take this offline?

You can direct message here. Click on someone’s name and then hit the message button to enter the direct message window.